Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This is why we are here!!

This pretty little chapel in Lota is where we attended church last Sunday.  Elder A is taking our photo, and Elder P is standing with us.  They are the best assistants ever!!

Here are about 32 of the best missionaries in the world, waving to all of you!  We had Zone Conference with them today in San Pedro, and we all enjoyed Subway sandwiches, fruit, and Ingrid's brownies for "almuerzo" (the main meal of the day which is eaten at about 1:30).  Ingrid is our "mamita" in the mission home, and loves to cook for the missionaries.  That is her standing and waving in the far right corner.  We love Ingrid!!

And this is the beautiful sunset that presented itself this evening.  Buenas noches everyone - we love you!!!


  1. I am loving your blog!! Me and the kids have looked over your pictures multiple times- I was laughing about your "cat"!! Love LOVE you two:)

  2. I just looked at your blog for the first time and am looooooving it! Thanks for sharing your awesome experiences! And Connie, you look so cute in all the pictures! Much love, Suzanne