Monday, July 21, 2014

Odds & Ends

One day we had Jack's burgers for almuerzo.  This is Joe - owner of Jack's.  He received his MBA from the University of Florida, then came to Chile to start a farm equipment business.  It didn't work out too well, but he met a great girl and married her here, and now has a cute little boy and a  burger business.  Such a nice guy.  He decided that Jack's was more of a burger name than Joe's:).  And they are great burgers!!  I'm sure that we will visit him again.  By the way - the exchange rate here is about 500 pesos to a dollar.  So he gave us a deal where we got burgers and fries for 4 mil (thousand) pesos per person - roughly $8.00.  Things are not cheap in Chile!
This is how we celebrate birthdays in the mission - can't go wrong with chocolate! Happy, fantastic missionaries right here!

This is the outside of the little casita where Hermana N and Hermana B live.  They have a wood burning stove inside to keep them warm - thus the firewood!

And now the inside - love the bright colors, right?!

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