Sunday, January 31, 2016


Dear Friends -  It has been forever, I know!  I can't even explain how busy this mission life is!  But so many have asked for the return of the blog - and I am going to give it my best shot:).

We are still alive and well in Concepcion, Chile.  We have been here for 19 months now - a little over half of our time commitment.  The time is flying, and yet it seems forever ago that we were home among our family and friends in Arizona.  We miss you all!!  And we still love serving with our amazing missionaries!!

I am not going to pick up where I left off - that was a year ago!  (I may "blog backwards" from time to time).  I will begin with the holidays that mean so much to us all.

Here is Thanksgiving in Chile - 2015:
A table full of wonderful friends, delicious food, and grateful hearts!
Our roses are in bloom!
Beautiful flowers, inside and out.

We were joined by our two "matrimonios"  (married couples), Elder & Sister Phillip and Cherie Lee on the left, and Elder & Sister Terry and Lynda Lee on the right.  Our Assistants and Office Elders were also happy to join us.  They brought the fun!  Our helper, Ingrid was also with us (she snapped the photo).  She loves North American Thanksgiving food & festivities!