Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Elder Pendley!

That same Sunday evening was very special.  The Pendleys are a senior couple serving in our mission office.  They are absolute life savers!!  Hermana Pendley handles all of the visa, passport, travel, etc. issues for the 230 of us.  Elder Pendley takes care of all of the finances and housing contracts - two HUGE jobs!!  We could not function without their help and are already anxious about when they will finish their mission in another 9 months!  Good senior couples are so valuable and so badly needed!!!  At any rate, it was Elder Pendley's birthday today, so we had a fun and lovely dinner here in the mission home with 12 of us.  Libby (Hermana Pendley), had come over yesterday to do most of the dinner preparations - hoping to surprise her husband.  He was pleased and we were all the beneficiaries of her culinary talents!

Birthday dinner in the dining room - balloons, flowers, and all!  You can see President Arrington on the right at the end.  He is taking the next photo, so you don't see him there.

Here we are in the living room, with the picture window behind us that looks out over the BioBio.  From the left, after us, Hermana Arrington - mission mom of the Concepcion Mission (her husband, the President, is taking the photo), the Pendleys, the Baldens - she is the mission nurse for both missions and he handles housing inspections and many other jobs, the Kenningtons - who work with the Perpetual Education Fund and Self Reliance - also teach English classes, and the Kauers - who do what the Pendleys do for the other mission.  Such a great group of people!!
Happy Birthday, Elder Pendley!!

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  1. President Hicken was asking about you guys this week at the temple - and when we told him that the housing is out of the mission boundaries, he said that in Mexico City theirs was also. He said he loved that they had other mission presidents and adult friends to keep them buoyed up. He sends his love.