Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Connie's cat :)

We have a treadmill in our bedroom which is a good thing because we spend a lot of time eating and sitting!  We positioned it in front of our big picture window and I gave it a whirl.  As I was walking along, I noticed a small, white something in the patio garden.  This city is LOADED with dogs and cats.  I was quite sure that I could make out ears, eyes and a little nose.  I watched it carefully to see if it blinked or moved, all the time wondering how it got up on the 5th floor.  When I finished my session, I gingerly stepped out onto the patio.  I was amazed by how much a white rock could resemble a cat!  Best pet in town - don't have to feed it or clean up after it:)


  1. Ha! Of course you would suspect a rock to be a cat. Always attracting animals wherever you go!

  2. Haha!! I'm glad though- at least I won't be allergic when we come visit!

  3. hahahahahahahahah DYING over here!! hahaha