Sunday, October 12, 2014

Morning Walks

Every once in awhile - maybe twice a week - we are at home and don't have an early meeting to attend.  We love to go for walks together - here are some of the things we see:

We found the building where our Uncle Evans and Aunt Sylvia Heywood lived some 20 years ago
when they were serving as Mission Presidents here!

Spring is on it's way - everything is beginning to bloom and is so beautiful!

Don't touch the dogs - they bite and have fleas!!!

No matter how sweet they look!

Gorgeous, right?  They are everywhere!

As are the dogs:)

We climbed a VERY steep (for us) hill overlooking the area where we live.  My legs hurt for days!
You can see our condo building in the back center of the photo.
FYI - I never let Lothaire take pictures of me on our walks - no makeup and scary hair!

18 de Septiembre - Independence Day for Chile!

Here in Chile, the 18th of September is like our 4th of July in the USA.  On September 18, 1810, Chile broke away from Spanish rule and declared their independence.  They celebrate in a big way, all week long!  You see Chileans in their native costumes downtown, and there are flags of Chile flying everywhere!  Lots of eating, asados (cookouts), and dancing.  It's a happy time!

We attended our Ward Activity and this is our Bishop and his wife.  You will soon catch on that Chile's colors are red, white & blue - just like ours in the USA!

This is an interesting traditional drink called mote con huesillo.
What you see floating is wheat (mote) and somewhere in there is
a dried peach (huesillo).  The rest is sugar, water and cinnamon.
I think it is an acquired taste:).

Here is President with one of our ward members, Juanita.

There was some great entertainment and history telling.  The flag looks a little like Texas, right?

Ward members enjoying the evening.

Fuzzy photo, but CUTE little girls!

And two of our fantastic missionaries -

And two more.  The feast was great!  Always lots of mayo on hand:)

And then the dancing began - the Cueca (pronounced qwayka)!  It is a courting dance, so the missionaries just get to watch.  

It was SO much fun to watch, and every age participated.  You can see white
handkerchiefs - an important part of the dance.  There was a definite structure
and the dancers knew their stuff - and the ladies were so graceful!

A cute young couple - they were great!
Always a couple of foreigners hanging around:) - the members provided the props!

Cute little girls in traditional dress.

The last dance was a fun and funny little German type dance.  There is a strong German influence here.  In the center is our Stake President and his wife - so fun to watch them!  See that roast chicken on the plate?  THAT was delicious!

Missionary moments

Every once in awhile we catch our missionaries on camera - here are a few photos from the past couple of months!

Companeros & housemates!
Ready to go to work!

Cookies & milk at the mission home:)

On the balcony with President

Two of our elders with a family dressed to celebrate Independence Day!

Happy to be companions!

Outside of their casa

Inside with Hermana Bluth

And with President

Happy Hermanas

Smiles for ice cream and P-day!

Almost time for bed!