Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our first Preparation Day!

Saturdays are our "PDays" (preparation days), when we don't have other meetings scheduled.  We have wonderful new friends who live just across the hall from us - President and Sister Kent Arrington, from Clinton, Utah.  Pres. Arrington presides over the Chile Concepcion Mission, which includes the city of Concepcion and a large area to the north.  They have been here for a year and are so much help to us!  They took us to downtown Concepcion and showed us around.  There is a great mall there - who knew?  They even have Dunkin Donuts, a Hush Puppy store, and many other friendly sights.  We had lunch at a nice little restaurant called Don Quixote - and they had flour tortillas!  We were told there were no tortillas down here.  It was a happy day!

Downtown Concepcion - a little chilly in Chile today!

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  1. Loving these posts...keep it up mama!!! Xoxoxo