Monday, July 21, 2014

A few "throwbacks"

 These photos came from another camera after I made the previous posts.  This was our welcoming party when we finally arrived in Concepcion - after two full days of traveling!  To our left (as you look at the photo) are Pres. & Hermana Martinez - the outgoing Mission President and his wife.  To our right are the Baldens - tiny little Hermana Balden is the mission nurse who saves me more stress than you can imagine!  And Elder Balden takes care of housing inspections and many other time consuming things.  To Hermana Balden's right are the Pendleys.  They are our office couple and are also indispensable!  Elder Pendley handles all of the financial issues and housing and hospital contracts - huge headache!  And Hermana Pendley takes care of all of the passport and visa issues, travel arrangements for the missionaries and for us, and supplies us with lists and agendas.  These two couples are golden!!  I now understand why there is such a great need for good senior couples!  And surrounding all of us "seniors" are eight incredible missionaries who have since become very dear to us!

We arrived in Concepcion Friday night.  On Monday, we went to the Mission Office and ran into Elder Cooper Ainge!  Elder Ainge grew up across the street from us and we were so excited to see him!  The Ainge's moved to Boston when Cooper was about 10, so we hadn't seen him for a long time and nearly didn't recognize him!  He is an outstanding Elder in the Concepcion Mission, which is to the north of us.  We have since since him on two other Mondays!  He is well loved by his friends in the mission and by his Mission Pres. & wife, the Arringtons.

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