Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Flash Mob at the Mall!

This photo is a bit dark, but just want you all to know that there is a Lego Store at the Trevol Mall by the Airport in Concepcion, Chile! This Mariachi is completely made out of Legos!  Our good friends, the Arringtons, invited us to go to the mall with them Saturday evening (July 26th). A lot of the youth from the church in their area were planning a flash mob at the mall!

We stood on the upper level looking down at where they planned to gather.  There was a great mobile in the center with wooden birds suspended on wires.

They started playing some great dance tunes - changing songs every 30 seconds or so.  Gradually they went from 5 or 6 kids to about 80.  And they were great dancers!
At the end they all took off their jackets and had matching tshirts - they provided some great, wholesome entertainment for a mall full of people, and had fun doing it!  After the show, the four of us ate at Johnny Rockets there in the mall.  A little taste of home, and it was so good!!


  1. Cool Youth activity. Did the shirts say they are from the LDS Church?

    1. Pretty sure. There was an image of the Liahona on the front and some writing underneath. They were truly amazing and so full of enthusiasm! Always heartwarming to see youth participating in wholesome activities, right?! Love you Jacque!