Saturday, January 17, 2015


In November, we were asked to give a presentation on love and marriage for the young adults in this area of Chile at their institute building downtown.  It was a sweet stroll down memory lane -

43 years ago - seems like yesterday:)
We were a family of three for nearly 5 years with our little Justin - and then

Jonas joined the group!

          And not too far behind was Jordan!  (photos won't cooperate - sorry for the spaces!)

Before we knew it, four little girls had fluttered down from heaven to be ours!

And then our new "son", Ricky Lee Fisher, joined our clan!


                                                     BEACH TIME TOGETHER!

And beach naps!
And beach snuggles!

Reading stories together:)

We love our mom/grandma/great grandma
LaRee Lunt Bluth McRae Shaw!

We love cabin time together!
And cabin chowtime!

We love girls day pedicures
And mother/daughter trips:)

We love family fun!

Family trips to the zoo - petting the sting rays!

Family easter egg hunts - Harry Potter style!!
We love family swim time 

And celebrating birthdays together!

We love each other - through thick and thin, through good and challenging, through hard and not so hard!
We love each other regardless of the distance or time that separates us!
We love the Gospel of Jesus Christ that gives us the understanding of how families can be together - forever!
THAT is what we are striving for!
THAT would be a state of never ending happiness for us!!

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