Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Entrevista Fun


We love our interview time with the missionaries - every 12 weeks.  Those one on one moments are both enlightening and bonding.  Seriously - we must have the best missionaries in the world!

The days are long when you interview between 18 and 34 missionaries for 15 minutes each.  When time allows, we take a lunch break and find some local cuisine to share with the Zone Leaders and Sister Trainer Leaders.  Always an interesting adventure!!
Our Elder on the left is from Peru and was in heaven today!

Our Sister Trainer Leaders loved it too!

 Peruvian food - there is a lot of that in Chile!  The name of the restaurant was "Se Llama Peru":):).

Another day found us at "El Quincho" -
a rustic setting with some very delicious mapuche/chileno dishes!
Everyone was happy!!

Thumbs Up!!

Even the President was enjoying the cuisine!

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