Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cute little Spooks!

We got home just in time for Halloween - but no trick or treaters in our neighborhood in Chile.
However we got to see just how each one of our little grandkids went out in search of the treats!


Buddy was a Nascar driver for Halloween!
His picture doesn't want to go where it belongs,
so here he is on top!

Gussy turned six the next day - right on Halloween.
Biggest birthday donut ever!!!

Buddy turned 3 on Oct. 30th.
Mom & Dad got him a drum set -
what were they thinking?!

Gus was a spooky skeleton!

And here is our "partially Frozen" family!  Mom (Nicole) is Anna, Dad (Treavor) is Cristoff, little Dutch is a penguin, and Layton is Olaf the Snowman.  Mom was busy sewing!!  Parker decided on a clown, TJ is a Minecraft guy, Tate is a glow-in-the-dark stick man, and Celyn is a toilet-papering Ninja.  Very creative, boys!!

Beautiful Bumble Bee Eva:)

Darling Daphne - the serious daisy girl!

The Forbis Four! Paige the Pretty Gypsy Girl, Calvin the Super Strongman, Jack the Power Ranger, and little Mae, the adorable waving chicken:)

Apollo & Adonis - Double Trouble Buzz Lightyears!

The Fisher Four!  Claire the glamorous cat, Nolan the TMNTurtle, Grant - Captain America, and Little Mermaid Tess.

Noah & Clarky - Happy, Handsome little Pumpkins!


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