Saturday, January 17, 2015


I am such a super blogger slacker - I know!  I'm not sure what happened to all of the hours in these last 2 1/2 months.  But I'm home now and ready to share:).  Since this serves as a pictorial journal for us, I need to backtrack and include a few special moments.  Here we go:

The last week of October 2014, we spent in Argentina with the other Mission Presidents and wives at a special training seminar.  There were 28 couples plus our Area Presidency.  We were grateful for the counsel and inspiration - we need all of the help and guidance we can get!  Here are some pictorial highlights -

Beautiful downtown Buenos Aires!  We flew in and stayed overnight.  We took a quick taxi tour of the city before boarding our flight for Iguazu.  You can see the train station in the background.  This clock tower was a gift from the British community - sometimes called the Argentine Big Ben.

Quite the city!!  

Quaint little airport at Iguazu.

A panoramic view of the Sheraton Iguazu where we stayed - just steps from the falls.

View from our balcony - definitely rain forest country!

One of the paintings in the lobby captured Lothaire's eye -
He loves thought provoking art!

One morning was for sightseeing, so we all put on our "p day" clothes and went to see the falls.
Here we are with our good friends and neighbors, Kent & Michele Arrington.
You can see the mist from the falls in the background!

And President and Hermana Obeso from the Chile Osorno Mission.  Such great people!!

We gathered together to begin our hike of the upper falls.

WOW!!  So incredibly beautiful!

The two falls close together are called "Adam & Eve":)

Don't want to be going over this one in a barrel!
You can see the lower falls steps in the distance.

My favorite hiker:)

It was honestly breathtaking to stand and witness this beauty!
Las Cataratas Del Iguazu (The Waterfalls of Iguazu) were voted one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.
They border Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.
Back in the day, when US First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, saw them she said, "Poor Niagara"!
Iguazu Falls are up to 269' high - Niagara is 165' - about 1/3 shorter.

Lothaire joined the brave ones taking the boat ride to the falls.  I chose to be the photographer from a distance:)

I saw some beautiful, tropical birds - and look at those figs!

And a few giant lizards - from a respectful distance!

Make sure those life jackets are buckled properly!!

Truly wondrous - Iguazu Falls!!


  1. So jealous!!! I served most of my mission in Misiones, Argentina. Had the great opportunity to go to las Cataratas del Igazu multiple times. Love the people in northern Argentina! Thanks for bringing back memories!

    1. What an amazing location to serve, Arlynn! Many of our missionaries here are from Argentina - they are so awesome. I love to listen to them speak the language - their own special dialect:)