Wednesday, January 21, 2015

COLLIPULLI - Wait, What???

This is one of the many charming little pueblitos in our mission and it is so fun to say:)
You pronounce the double l's as a y - give it a try!  (Koyipooyi)
The name means "coloured lands" in the Mapuche language.
Population:  about 22,000.

And here is your very own personal tour -

On our way -
Always one of my favorite houses to pass by -
so bright and cheery!
Notice the "dish" - not an abandoned shack after all!

The hermanas call this the "ketchup & mustard" house!

Such great girls!! (sorry about the red eyes!)

The magnificent bridge of Collipulli!
It is called the Malleco Viaduct and officially opened for railway business in 1890.  At that time it was the highest such bridge in the world!  Today it is a National Monument!
You can see the PanAmerican Highway next to it.

Beautiful oxen - still used all over Chile!

A charming street in Collipulli

Family shopping day on the streets of Collipulli

Cannons flanking statue of the founder of Collupulli in the Plaza de Armas.  Handsome bystander:):)

Such a beautiful central Plaza!!

Our Collipulli chapel

The four great Collipulli elders in November 2014!!

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