Sunday, February 1, 2015


We couldn't bear for our missionaries not to get their Christmas packages!  Many of them arrived before our Conferences, but there were quite a few that didn't.  So there they were sitting on the shelves in the Mission Office - with their rightful owners miles and hours away.

What's a Mission Pres. & Mom to do??


We took two different days and played Santa Claus.  One was the day before Christmas!  It made us as happy as it made the missionaries, I think!

Merry Christmas Hermanas in Cabrero!

And Elders in Villa Obispo, Los Angeles!  Great tree, right?!

Merry Christmas, Elders in San Martin, Los Angeles!

And Elders in Victoria! Love those stockings!

Merry Christmas Hermanas in Tolhuaca!  Fun stove:)!

And Hermanas in Curacautin - a beautiful little town up against the mountains!

And Elders in Curacautin!

And Elders in Lautauro! Caught the Pres. on his phone!

And Elders in Temuco Cautin!

And Elders in Gorbea!  (I'm sure he shared:):)

We even had deliveries for the very farthest south city in our mission - Loncoche.
You need a few photos :)

Beautiful, tree-lined river

Handsome Elders and President!

Nice little chapel

And the town Liceo, or High School

Deliveries for Collipulli

Merry Christmas Elders!

And Elders in Alemania!

And Elders in Curanilahue!!

And Hermanas in Los Alamos! - very cute decorations!

And last, but surely not least, Merry Christmas to our Cañete and Lebu Elders.

And we are heading home with happy hearts and hoping that Christmas is bright and joyful and meaningful
for EVERY missionary and for each one of you!

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