Saturday, February 14, 2015


Our Christmas became 3 times brighter on December 27th, when our youngest daughter, Meagan, and her two little girls - Eva (2 1/2) and Daphne (11 months)  - arrived for a visit!!  Daddy had to stay behind and work.  Meagan was willing to brave the long journey alone - from San Francisco to Houston, then from Houston to Santiago.  About 14 hours of flying time, not to mention who knows how long in the airports!!

We received special permission to fly to Santiago to meet her and help her make the last leg to Concepcion.  She was ready for some help and someone who could speak Spanish!!

Our hearts were SO happy to greet them!!!

First, a nice bath - first bath in Chile!

Then a snack
And a little exploring!

And a much needed nap!!
Time to open presents - finally!!

The days were filled with happy times . . .

Daphne didn't take long to warm up to us.  She loved being outside
Gigi loved the Daphne snuggles:)

And Eva was amazed by the entertainment:)
Our walks were surrounded by beautiful flowers

And fun playgrounds!

We took a road trip and had churrascos in one of our
favorite little towns, Cañete. Daphne was definitely

We played at the town plaza there

And found some of our Elders to have ice cream with - Yum!!

We had promised Eva some beach time, so even though
it was a chilly, drizzly day, we stopped and played for
about 15 minutes at the beach near Lota:)

Eva was delighted, and Gigi didn't mind running out into the cold ocean time
after time to refill her little watering can!

Daphne was delighted to be outside

Such a beautiful setting!!

Another day we went to the mall by the airport for some fun . . .

Eva found a Lego friend:)

And the Happyland playground

And she was so tickled to get a new soccer ball!!

We spent New Year's Day with our missionaries in San Pedro.  They had a great Zone Activity!
One of our Hermanas is from Mexico and she made the most delicious tacos!!
Everybody pitched in to help!

There was some fun game playing going on outside.  Eva took it all in and said, "I want to be a missionary"!

It was a fun day for all:):)

One day we visited Parque Ecuador - look at that girl go with her soccer ball!

Another day we braved a road trip again - to Los Angeles, Chile!

First we stopped at Saltos del Laja - a pretty waterfall.
In the rainy season there is so much more water coming over.
But it is beautiful, nevertheless.  Don't you just love Daphne's hair?!
Our little fuzzy duckling:):)

I made this photo big so that you could check out what Meagan is drinking/eating!  It is called mote con huesillo.
We had it for the first time on the 18th of September - Independence Day.
It is made by cooking dried peaches in sugar, water, and cinnamon.  Then they add fresh cooked husked wheat (the mote).
So you drink and chew at the same time - interesting - and I think probably an acquired taste:)
Meags liked it, however!
Once we reached Los Angeles, we
stopped for empanadas at our
favorite place, La Campiñas. The
girls were excited - Daphne loves
her food!!

I just can't even explain how delicious these are - fresh from the oven!

Our days were numbered, and we knew there would be an end.
We loved our story times together!
And Eva loved sleeping in the big bed all by herself!

Daphne turned 1 the day after they left, so we had some
early "birthday muffins" to celebrate together.

Time to say goodbye:(.  Our helper, Ingrid, fell in love with all three girls and was also sad to see them depart.

They had a long layover in Santiago, so we flew up with them and got them all checked in, then walked across the street to the Holiday Inn and spent a few last hours together.  Baths and chicken nuggets helped the little girls get ready for the long flight home.

One of the saddest pictures on my camera - watching our girls leave.
But we are SO grateful for the time we had and the memories we created together!!
They survived the trip home and promised to come back sometime and bring Daddy with.
He served his mission in Viña del Mar - a little north of us, so he has a special interest in coming to visit!



  1. Just look at those Baby Bluth faces! So cute and fun. Glad you could get some family time.
    Love ya,

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  3. I know this is very late BUT, You did the most beautify story having Meagan and her darling muchkins visit you!! I miss you both and all your children so thank you for sharing. I did get to see Bridget once. We're still at the Petersens hopping they never sell. I know you are fantastic Mission Presidents! Love you Melanie

  4. Sister Bluth!
    I'm so grateful for your blog! I love reading your posts and seeing the photos of all the missionaries.
    I hope you upload more photos and stories soon. I'd love it!
    -Sincerely, a young man from Temuco