Sunday, February 1, 2015


Our first and long awaited December blessing arrived on December 3, 2014:

Meet Graham Lothaire Petersen
born to our daughter Bridget and her husband Alex
in Davis, California.
It was such a happy sad day!  We have been there to meet and greet every one of our  grandchildren until today.
I will admit that I was teary for most of the day - okay, maybe two days.
But the birth went well and he arrived healthy and strong, so there was much to be grateful for!

Our youngest daughter, Meagan, lives in San Franscisco with hubby Max and her two little girls, Eva & Daphne.
Baby Graham wasn't due until the 6th, but the night of the 2nd, Meags was inspired to pack up her two little ones and head for Bee's house just in case.  Good timing because they ended up going to the hospital just hours after Meags arrived!
She was there to watch over Noah and Clark in my absence.  Thank you Meagy!!

Bathtime was quite the ordeal!!!!

Friday night, the 5th, sister Amy flew from Phoenix to spend the next 5 days caring for Bee and her family.
A HUGE thanks to her and her hubby, Patrick, who stayed at home and took care of their 4 little ones!!

She caught Graham with open eyes:)

And took Noah & Clark on an adventure
to Ikea to get new bunk beds for them!

Big brother Noah in a happy mood.
And big brother Clark looking so grown up
all of a sudden!

And then there's daddy - tired, but happy and so helpful!

10 days old - big boy in real clothes!

6 weeks old - such a handsome little fellow!

And a tender mercy for this Grandma!
Just a few weeks after little Graham was born, President and I were traveling in the south of our mission,
on our way to present a message at a fireside in Pitrufquen.  In one little town, we stopped to visit a
couple of our missionaries.  They were on their way to an almuerzo at the home of a member so we
gave them a lift.  The lady of the house had given birth to a precious baby boy on Dec. 3rd!
I asked if I could just hold him for a few moments.  It was almost as if I was giving little Graham a hug:)

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