Sunday, February 1, 2015


So these next seven photos are from the skits that each Zone did after our scrumptios almuerzo.
The pics won't go to the end of the post like they are supposed to - attention seekers!
Just in case you thought missionaries were always serious . . . 

We chose to divide our mission in half for our Christmas Conferences, and held them on December 10th and 11th - a few days before cambios when there would be many changes in locations and companionships.  Here's how they turned out:

First big decision - what delicious dessert to make for their Christmas feast??

Oh yes - chocolate mint brownies, of course!!

14 pans full!!  Thanks to a wonderful friend from back home in Gilbert for a
fabulous recipe!

We invited Elder and Hermana Olsen to be our guests for the conferences.  Elder Olsen is the mental health counselor assigned to our area.  The Olsen's live in Santiago and flew down to be with us for the two days.  Elder Olsen gives great counsel to a number of our missionaries.  They both spoke at our conferences.  We enjoyed meeting them face to face!
By the way, his first name is Ralph, so we snapped a photo under the Pasaje (street passageway) Ralph sign:)

I put the Hermanas to work creating place cards for the tables.  They are super creative!

And the tables looked festive.

After the teaching portion of the conferences,
Ingrid needed good help in the kitchen!
And the AP's made sure we had good sound going!

We needed lots of help getting plates full of food to the tables!
About 125 each day!

One of our APs was just getting over the chicken pox, so he was
confined to the stage to eat alone!

I took lots of photos of our tables full of missionaries because I know that some
missionary moms like to take a look at this blog sometimes.
So I hope you can spot your missionary!
These first photos are from our northern zones - San Pedro, Coronel, Lebu,
Los Angeles Norte & Los Angeles Sur.
You can see that they each received a little bag of goodies and a special booklet
filled with articles on the Atonement of Christ.

A lot of missionaries, right?  And this is only half of them!
It's amazing to me to find this many youth who are willing to
dedicate themselves to preaching the gospel of Christ.
For the most part they are positive, hard-working, obedient, happy,
and absolutely wonderful!

And speaking of wonderful, here are our senior couples.  The Lee's are on the left, the Balden's on the right, and
Hermana Pendley to the right of Elder Balden.  Elder Pendley must have been hiding:)

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