Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Aftermath

We were able to leave the hospital and come home the afternoon of Easter Sunday.  Such a blessing for us - especially Lothaire, who had been "caged" and poked and prodded for nine straight days!       Here is how he felt about coming home:

That's a Happy Face!!!

Some of the kids popped over to visit that evening and we enjoyed a pie fest, thanks to the sweet mom of one of our returned missionaries!

The last four days at home have had their share of fatigue and upset stomach for Lothaire, but that is to be expected.  We have met with his oncologist and it has been determined that Lothaire will go in for five more treatments.  There may or may not be radiation at the end - depending on the results.  Lothaire was SO hoping to be able to have the infusion as an outpatient, but this particular regimen must be administered as a continual drip over 5 days.  It is the optimal treatment for his particular lymphoma - so that is what we will do!  He will go in every 21 days - with the next treatment beginning April 14th.  They removed the PICC line before he came home, and will "install" a central port two days before he goes back in.  Good thing he isn't needle shy like someone else I know :)!

The prognosis is very good - and the lump on his neck has already reduced significantly.  His vocal chords are still compromised and he can only speak in a whisper - we are hopeful that his voice will return as the treatments continue.

The Saturday before Easter, I was able to slip away to our family gathering for a couple of hours.  That is usually held at our home, but this year one of our daughters hosted, and everyone pitched in with the preparations.  Our kids have been so amazing and supportive!!  Here is a glimpse:

Everyone waiting inside for the Easter Bunny to finish hiding the eggs out front!




  1. Thank you for your updates. We are hopeful for a full recovery for President Bluth. Our son arrived in Chile on Tuesday morning. I'm sure he is being well taken care of. We are anxious to hear from him. He was so excited to get to Chile and begin his service with "real" people. It was so great to hear his experiences in the MTC and his surprise that he would find so much joy in serving and being a representative of Jesus Christ and hear his testimony of the Gift of Tongues. We are ever so mindful of your service on behalf of our young sons. Thank you, Kirt & Georgia Palmer

    1. We are excited for Elder Palmer! He has just arrived in the most beautiful, most wonderful mission in the world:). You will love his weekly emails home - and you will be amazed at his spiritual growth. We are sorry that we cannot be there to serve with him, but it is the Lord's work and it will go forward undaunted! Thank you for preparing a fine young son to serve the Lord!