Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday & More

While trying to patiently wait for today's biopsy, we found a few random things to do:

On a tip from my brother Norm, we found a strange little sculpture garden
Case in point

The three of us (Jonas is with us) took a long, leisurely stroll along South Temple Avenue

We found the beautiful, very old First Presbyterian Church - finished in 1903
And the magnificent Cathedral of the Madeleine - circa 1909
Just look at those two handsome men!!

And then, FINALLY, it was Monday.  

I spent the morning on FaceTime with my dear friends, Ingrid and Michele who were inside of our home in Concepcion.  Thanks to technology, the three of us (with a cameo appearance by one more special friend, Pres. Arrington!), were able to sort through and "pack up" our belongings there so that they can be shipped home to us.  I may have sobbed uncontrollably more than once.  Thank you, sweet friends, for your service, your time, your love, your friendship.  You will forever be treasured by us!

And then the hospital called and requested that Lothaire report at 1:30 instead of 4:30.  There was a two hour prep time - odd to witness Lothaire as the patient instead of the doctor:):

Can't help but notice that lopsided neck!  I wish you could have been there to witness him trying to talk three different doctors out of administering general anesthesia:):)

They took him back to the OR around 3:30, and told Jonas and I that it would be about 1 1/2 hours before he was back in recovery and awake.  We went upstairs and found something to eat and tried not to be nervous.  Just as we were finishing, the doctor called.  He said the biopsy had gone well and the resident was closing him up.  They took a large piece of tissue (2x1x1 cm) and it indeed seems to be a non Hodgkins lymphoma.  The pathology will disclose whether it is a B cell lymphoma, and that will take several days. 

This is a huge relief, because these types of lymphoma respond well to chemotherapy which is SUCH a better option than surgery in this situation and location!

We had mentioned to the doctor that we would like to hop down to AZ while we awaited the pathology.  But on the phone he told me that the mass was growing too rapidly and that treatment should begin sooner rather than later.  He made an appointment with a noted oncologist there at the Huntsman, for Thursday.  And she has requested a PET scan to be done before then, to determine if there are any other hot spots in the body.  So our grandchildren (and us) have to wait just a little longer.  We are incredibly grateful to have such caring, competent doctors and nurses and to have things moving along as they need to.  And we sense angels around us - seen and unseen.

Here he is - post op - still a little tipsy from the meds:)

We made a quick drive thru at Crown Burger for a strawberry milkshake, which hit the spot and made him so happy!
He is resting peacefully and we are prepared for what comes next.
We thank you again and again for your fasting and prayers - your notes and your emails - your love and concern.
We have been touched to the core by the efforts of so many of you!
We are in it to win it!!!!!


  1. We hope you have a speedy recovery! Thank goodness for modern medicine! Thanks for your service!
    The Clarks
    (Zayden's parents)

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  3. Our love and prayers go out to you.
    -Nathan, Nicole and Jackson

  4. Hope you get well soon.
    That's so nice that you have kept us posted.
    We do trust HF is going to heal brother Bluth, and give comfort to your family, missionaries and friends.

  5. Thank you Connie for keeping all of us updated! You are in our thoughts and prayers! The two of you are so special to me and so many others! Sending love from AZ!
    Melissa Pipkin

  6. Love you guys. So grateful you are where you are getting good care. Prayers and love to all of you. Jana and Scott Alexander

  7. John Lewis told me today. I am so behind here. Sending prayers for a full recovery. You are at the best place. They will take excellent care of Lothaire. Love you two. ~ Sue Strong 4th Ward

  8. Thinking of you! So sad to hear of your challenges! Thankful for this excellent blog, with great writing and pics. See you in AZ. Bassam & Wendy