Monday, March 21, 2016

Arizona - Home Sweet Home!

We know that many of you have been waiting for an update.  Please forgive me for being a little slow!

We arrived in Arizona last Saturday evening the 13th of March.  It was so good to be HOME!!

Fresh off the plane!

Hugs and Smiles - long overdue!

We gathered at home and just enjoyed some together time.

Our little Miss Adelynn was born while we were gone.
She was a little suspicious of the smiling man claiming to be her Grandpa!

The plan of action was that Lothaire would be seen on Tuesday at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, as a transfer patient from the Huntsman.  We were okay with that - just anxious to get things going.  However, on Monday, the center called and said that the doctor had gone out of town - spring break.  Our appointment was pushed back to Friday.  Lothaire was not having pain, just increasing discomfort.  We could see that the mass was growing.   We waited patiently.

On Thursday the center called and pushed the appointment back to Monday (today).  I should have taken that call!!!!  Lothaire is too nice sometimes!!
We were all on super anxious, frustrated, maybe a little bit angry mode!

So that is why I didn't post anything last week - there was nothing happening!

On Friday, however, things took a turn for the worse.  In the afternoon, Lothaire became very uncomfortable and began experiencing pain for the first time.  His voice, which had been at a low whisper, became a COMPLETE whisper - no volume whatsoever.  He spent a miserable night, trying to control the pain - finally falling asleep in the early hours.

I felt prompted to arise early and get showered and ready.  As soon as he woke up I said that I think we should DO something about this!  He agreed - a sign of his true discomfort.  After kneeling in prayer together and pleading for divine intervention, I, being the only one with a voice at this point, and feeling a bit protective of my companion(!), made a call to MD Anderson and, of course, got the call center because they operate on clinic hours - Monday thru Friday.  I explained the situation with urgency to the fellow on the other end of the line.  Even though we were not officially patients there at this point, he agreed to call the on call oncologist - a tender mercy.  She called us within 5 minutes and listened carefully and compassionately to our story.  I will forever be grateful for her at that moment in time!

She told me to take him to the ER at Banner Gateway, which is the admitting facility for them - right next door.  We were there within the half hour. Our sons in law, Max and Alex, who had just driven in the evening before, were able to give Lothaire a blessing of health and comfort before we left.  

 Suffice it to say that it was a very lengthy procedure, but 5 hours later he was admitted to the oncology floor.  I felt that he was finally where he needed to be and was so greatly relieved!
They were able to control his pain and make him comfortable.  He had a much better night.
The next day - Sunday (yesterday) - the doctor came in, we went over his transferred records together, and she ordered a PICC line installed for the chemo, and a CAT scan done to measure the growth of the mass in the last two weeks.

This morning Lothaire will be having an echo cardiogram to make sure that his heart can withstand the treatment, and they will be doing a bone marrow biopsy to make certain that there is no cancer there.  They plan to begin the R Chop chemo this afternoon/evening.

That is what we know to this minute - and I am on my way to the hospital right now.

We are both very hopeful - and grateful for the divine intervention that we felt take place.
Lothaire is in very good spirits.
We had many sweet family/friend/missionary visitors yesterday in the hospital.
We thank you ALL for you continued love and prayers and support.  We honestly can feel it and love you for it.

I will post a few more pictures and then off I go.
I will update as soon as I am able -

Jordan came to be with us for the admitting process - so good to have him!

He, along with us, had been very frustrated with the whole week!
Before the nurse came in and fill in all of the blanks, he filled in the bottom two:):):)

Patiently waiting - with a big lump on his neck!

If you haven't had your flu shot or if you have a little cough, you have to wear a mask to visit on this floor!!

We enjoyed our visitors so much yesterday!!!!!

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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Connie and Lothaire! I'm sorry I was not able to be there with George in that hospital visit. We love you both so much...along with your beautiful family! Take care and please feel our arms around you both! Love, Kathryn