Sunday, June 12, 2016


April, May and June are full of celebratory events in our family!

MOTHER'S DAY - ever a favorite of mine.  I had such a special, wonderful mother of my own, and I always wanted to grow up and be a mommy. And by golly, I did it!  When we first got married, we had trouble conceiving, and the Dr. said we may not be able to have children.  Two years later, the little ones started coming - times seven!!  Each one was a precious treasure to us - and they continue to be!  I am SO grateful to be a mother!!

Cards & flowers - my favorites!!
These are some of the names I am known by:):)

We were able to pay a visit to Lothaire's mom - one of the sweetest angels on the earth!
Here he is with her and his brother Curtis and sister Antoinette.

I also got to witness our grandson, Parker, receive his Arrow of Light for Cub Scouts - good work Parker!!  Now on to Life and Eagle, right??!!

And just 3 days ago, our son-in-law, Alex, walked across the stage at UCDavis and received his PhD in Statistics.  And we were able to live stream it and watch from our kitchen here in Arizona - sometimes I truly love technology:). (other times, not so much!)  So proud of you Alex!!!


We had a gathering to celebrate Jordan, Layton, and Adelynn who have birthdays in late April and May.  Somebody is watching those cupcakes pretty seriously:)!!

It was fun to watch little miss Addy enjoy her birthday cupcake!
Cute little one year old!!

She loved her new little pink sports car, and we loved
being here for her first birthday!

Mae and Eva share the first week of June for their birthdays - born just four days apart!
They won't always be in the same state for their birthdays, but they were this year, 
so what's a Grandma to do except have a Princess Party??!!

So much cuteness all in one room!  
(With cute little sister Daphne looking on longingly - don't worry Daph - your turn will come!)

Calvin turned 8 just yesterday!  Since his mom & dad were participating as "ma & pa" on their stake trek outing, Grandma got to pick him up and take him out for birthday breakfast - just the two of us!

Followed by - - - - a little outing to the Dinosaur Museum, of course!

I told Calvin that my favorite book when I was his age was "The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek" -
so this picture was a must!
I loved sharing your birthday with you, Cal!!!

NOW - if you happen to be stuck in the hospital on your birthday, party planners have to be a little creative!

These folks sang a great rendition of Happy Birthday for Lothaire!!

And kids under the age of 13 aren't allowed on the oncology floor.
BUT - there is a little family waiting area just outside of the floor, and they allowed us to have a little celebration in there.  (of course he had to bring his IV pole with him!)
It was a happy surprise for Lothaire!!



  1. Sis. Bluth,
    I was wondering if you could tell me if your husband is related to a Lothaire Bluth that would be about 81 years old. He worked for the LDS Foundation, starting in 1973. My father worked with him and would like to get in touch. Thank you so much for any information you might have.
    Devani Corpany

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