Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Little Update

I was shocked to sit down and see that my last post was nearly two months ago!  How does that happen??  So often??:)

So here is a little update on Lothaire - and then I will post a couple of other catch ups after this one.

Round 4 of chemo has been completed - something to celebrate for sure!  That means there are only 2 more rounds to go.  As miserable as it is to be in the hospital for 5 days straight every 3 weeks, being pumped full of medicinal poison, Lothaire has carried on like a champ.  The first week home is always the hardest and we keep a pretty low profile.  But then his blood starts to rebuild and he gets a little more energy, and life seems a little bit normal again - right when it is time to go back in for more poison!!

The grandkids are quite enchanted by grandpas shiny head!  

He finished round 4 on June 3rd (the day after his birthday) and was so happy to come home again - and I was so happy to HAVE him come home again!  But he didn't seem to be bouncing back as well as he did the previous times.  This last Friday evening (June 10th) he started having chills and fever, and we knew that was not a good thing.  We spent that night in the ER and they admitted him back into the hospital in the wee hours of Saturday morning (yesterday).  Over the last two days they have been pumping him full of liquids and IV antibiotics.  They also gave him a unit of blood.  He has become neutropenic, which means that he has very few white blood cells to fight infection.  It can be a very serious condition should an infection present itself, so we are appreciative of the proactive steps they are taking.  Even if it means a few more "boring" days in the hospital!!

He was feeling quite a bit better by the end of today, and we are hopeful that he can come back home tomorrow!!

Thank you all over and over again for your care and concern, your love and your prayers, your calls, visits and emails.  We feel abundantly blessed and we know that the Lord is watching over us. 

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