Friday, November 7, 2014


 The first two weeks of October were Zone Conferences.  We have 10 different Zones spread throughout the mission.  Sometimes we gather the Zones into a few large groups to train them, but this time we chose to hold 8 separate conferences.  Four of the zones are a little smaller and we combined two and two.  It is a lot of travel and time away from "home" but we love having a little more one on one time with smaller groups!  

So what do we do besides 4 hours of training at each location??

We celebrate the birthdays for the last two months! (Zone Conferences are every 12 weeks)
We sing Cumpleaños Feliz and they each get a big chocolate bar!

Full missionaries are happy missionaries!
Churrascos are always a hit!
Ready for chow!
They clean their plates every time!
Churrascoas again:)
ALWAYS FRUIT - got to have something healthy!
Sloppy joes are coming!
For whatever reason, the local Lider was selling little bags of mini Halloween oreos - a highlight!
A table full of cute Hermanas!

Love the smiles!


We visit the missionaries in their casas!

Here are baby Araucaria trees (monkey puzzlers) on the patio.

And two of our Hermanas - outside

and inside!

And every once in awhile we make a stop at the mall.  This is in Temuco -
Hedgehog anyone??
It wouldn't hold still - just a blur in a cage!

Last but not least - some beautiful photos from our hotel window in 
Los Angeles, Chile!

Anything look familiar??

Pretty mountains in the distance.

And if you look carefully you can see a volcano!!

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