Friday, November 7, 2014


October 22, 2014
During this last year, the church here in Chile was approached about helping to supply much needed resources to the little school of La Meseta, located near Arauco, on the coast.  The church accepted the project and we were invited to attend the appreciation ceremony since it lies within our mission boundaries.  It was a heartwarming experience and made us grateful for the generosity of the humanitarian funds of the church!

We were greeted at the front door by some of the students - so adorable!  Don't you love those rosy cheeks?!

They were quite curious about the tall, blonde gringa!  They were full of hugs and kisses.

We gathered in the courtyard before going on a tour of the campus.  The fellow in the blue cap is the principal of the school.  The man to his right is the Mayor of Arauco.  The couple to the right of Lothaire are the Gouldings from Hurricane, Utah.  They are Humanitarian missionaries and live in Santiago, as does Brother Chavez - front right.  He supervises the humanitarian projects in Chile.  Behind him, to the right, is Presidente Mellado - the President of the District of Coronel in our mission.  He was asked to speak at the ceremony.  He is such a wonderful man and is puro Chileno - which means he speaks so fast and cuts off many of the endings of his words to the point that he is nearly impossible for us North Americans to understand!!

This donation is a huge hit - an interactive media screen!  It is located in the library.

There were many other library items donated.  
They are grateful for whatever books they can get.  Our kids at home are so blessed!!
A couple of foosball tables were donated - everyone loves those!!!

This is the kindergarden room with the colorful new tables supplied by the church.
We met the "maestra" (teacher) who was so pleased with everything!

Grandpa is pointing out the "araña".  Grandma doesn't like arañas!

We loved the fun decor all over the walls!

This is where they made a special video presentation to show their appreciation.  And then they had such a nice reception with lots of fancy appetizers.  They were so appreciative!!

And of course, a cow:)!!  This tiny calf was in the field across from the school.  We saw it on our way out.  It was just a day or two old and ran right up to the fence and sucked on my fingers!  I know that's gross to most of you but I fell in love:).  You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl . . .!