Sunday, September 14, 2014

On The Road Again!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Time to head out to the field to finish up the interviews!

But first we need to get Elder B. taken care of - appendicitis!  The surgery went well and he was a trooper.  As was his companion, Elder S!  Missionaries can never be alone, so Elder S. stayed in the hospital room for the 3 day period.  Which was fine - there was a window seat bed to sleep in:).  However, the hospital does not provide food for guests, only patients.  And there isn't a cafeteria for the public!  So we took turns taking food into Elder S.  We are SO grateful for our mission nurse and her husband!!!

Just so you know, road travel is interesting in this part of Chile.  Here are a few highlights:

This is one of my favorites.  I am standing behind the cars on the right.  They are in the far right lane waiting for the left turn arrow.  Go figure!

You just never know what will be in the lane next to you - on the highway no less:)

Or off to the right side of the road!  Lothaire loves the oxen!!
And now we are out on the highway - and here is the speed limit sign.  Can you read it?  120!
No worries - we're dealing in kilometers:)  (So this is about 75 mph)
Ready to start the interviews!  First, Pres. Bluth meets with the companions together.  Then he sends one in to me (Elder P. here) for the easy questions while he visits with the other one.  And then we switch.  And if they pass my questions they get their homemade oreo:).  By the way, the little wall heater is a life saver!  We're still in winter here.

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