Friday, September 26, 2014

La Marina

On Sunday, Sept. 7th, we attended the ward called La Marina, where two of our awesome Hermanas serve as sister missionaries.  You can see them front right - one from Columbia and one from Peru.  The members LOVE these girls!  After the meetings, we were invited to stay for the almuerzo (lunch) they hold for newer converts.  The sister on the left taught the Sunday School class, and the Relief Society lesson, and prepared the meal in the tiny church kitchen.  And never stopped smiling.  I just love these people!

We are always treated like guests of honor - it is very humbling.


  1. My barrio! I loved serving there! I see lots of familiar faces. So glad you got to meet them! Obispo Soto (the man next to your husband) was the Bishop when I served there.

    1. Yes - they remembered you! Such wonderful people - all of them!!