Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sunday at Boca Sur

Today was Sunday, August 3rd, and we chose to go visit the ward called Boca de la Costa, referred to as Boca Sur by the missionaries.  It was a beautiful experience!

Here is Lothaire with some of the members of the ward - a chilly morning in Chile!

And here are our two Elders trying to get the gate open so that we can all go in!

We did finally all make it in and were so warmly welcomed by the members of this little ward.  It was fast and testimony meeting and there was not a moment that the pulpit wasn't occupied.  These sweet people are so humble and grateful for the blessings of the gospel in their lives.  A new member was confirmed today, and Elder C (the one not on the phone) had the great privilege of giving a name and a blessing to a little baby.  He is only 19, but has such a strong, mature spirit.  It was a beautiful thing to witness the Priesthood in action.  I often wish that the parents of these incredible missionaries could see their sons and daughters in action.  They would be so proud of them!

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  1. Sister Bluth, thank you for your amazing blog! It is so fun to read and look for "my boy". I also wish we could have been there to hear his beautiful blessing, and am so glad to hear about it from you...we don't always get to hear everything in letters! Thank you for your selfless service to The Lord and these wonderful missionaries! Elder C's Mama