Thursday, August 14, 2014


Cambio is the word for "change" in spanish.  We all know that there is nothing as sure as change in life, and that definitely applies to mission life, as well!

Every six weeks we have "cambios", or transfers.  A group of missionaries who have completed their mission service (2 years for the elders and 18 months for the hermanas) depart for their homes, and a group of brand new, fresh from the MTC (Missionary Training Center) arrives to begin their service!
Also, much of the mission is shuffled around to give the missionaries opportunities in leadership, and for serving in different areas.

Right now we have 111 companionships(2 elders or hermanas serving together in a specified zone and sector).  One of our companionships is a trio since we currently have an odd number of elders.  Then there is our indispensible senior office couple, the Pendleys, and ourselves, which brings us to 227 missionaries!  That is a lot of planning every six weeks!!!

Here is President with our two APs (Assistants to the President).  They are such fine young men and their help is invaluable!  Behind them you see "the board" - with all the companionships, zones and sectors.  Their job is to help their President to know the areas and the missionaries.  And then there is much prayer, concern, and inspiration involved to make the changes.  There were many, many hours involved! (sorry - another fuzzy photo!)

Here is a basic map of Chile and her surrounding countries.  We are located where you see the circular logo - about in the middle of the country.  Up in the north - Antofagasta - is desert, and down in the southern tip is penguin country!  We have the "just right" kind of weather!  A few seasons, a little cold, a little warmth.  Lucky us!

And here is a map of our mission area, more or less.  You can see the main cities.  We live in Concepcion, which is outside of our mission.  The river runs southeast from Conce.  Los Angeles, Angol, Lebu, Temuco - these are all of the larger cities in our mission, which is why we end up doing so much traveling.  Where the map turns brown to the east is Argentina!
This is our Mission logo.  The circular nature of it indicates the eternal nature of the gospel truths and their impact on the people who embrace it.  The standing figure represents Nephi - son of Lehi.  His writings begin the Book of Mormon, and he is an incredible hero and example of obedience and righteousness!  The words beneath his feet are from his own words in 1 Nephi 3:7.  Ire = "I will go".  Hare = "I will do" . . .the things which the Lord commands.  Sere = striving to become like Christ.  The background is a representation of the flag of Chile, and the trees are the ones found in this part of the country - the endangered and protected araucaria araucana - or monkey puzzle trees.  A tall Chilean pine.
A very strong logo for a magnificent mission! 

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