Sunday, October 12, 2014

Morning Walks

Every once in awhile - maybe twice a week - we are at home and don't have an early meeting to attend.  We love to go for walks together - here are some of the things we see:

We found the building where our Uncle Evans and Aunt Sylvia Heywood lived some 20 years ago
when they were serving as Mission Presidents here!

Spring is on it's way - everything is beginning to bloom and is so beautiful!

Don't touch the dogs - they bite and have fleas!!!

No matter how sweet they look!

Gorgeous, right?  They are everywhere!

As are the dogs:)

We climbed a VERY steep (for us) hill overlooking the area where we live.  My legs hurt for days!
You can see our condo building in the back center of the photo.
FYI - I never let Lothaire take pictures of me on our walks - no makeup and scary hair!

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