Friday, May 9, 2014

We are LoCo!!

We are LoCo - Lothaire and Connie Bluth, that is!  And we have been called to serve as Mission President and wife in the Chile Concepcion South Mission.  We report to Concepcion on June 27, 2014 and will be LoCo in Chile for the next three years.  Tune in later for the story of our call and updates on our adventures!


  1. Safe travels. We're all looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

  2. We will certainly miss you but we can't wait to see the change that will come to the lives of the people you will touch. We also look forward to seeing the change that will take place in your own lives as you continue to share your testimonies, love, and gifts with others. Thank you for touching my life! I love you both dearly.

  3. Loved reading about your experiences in Chile. My oldest son served there. I see you're related to Sylvia Heywood. My wife is related to Evans (Smith cousins). I have looked all over for the story of your call. Did I just miss it somehow? Anyway, great blog and great pictures.